Restaurant & Cafe Gruppen AS


Restaurant & Cafe Gruppen (RCG) is a voluntary purchasing organization whose purpose is to promote profitable investment opportunities for participating restaurants and cafes with an emphasis on streamlining the wholesale and retail function. This is to achieve the best possible procurement and delivery terms from wholesalers and suppliers.

We think the purchase prices that most restaurants and cafes have to pay is too high in comparison to what the low-price chains in the grocery industry achieves. The reason why the grocery industry makes their affordable purchases are either brand affiliation or membership in a purchasing organization. RCG wants to achieve the same result for restaurants and cafes. This means that the RCG, on behalf of all members of the group, will negotiate prices and discounts with wholesalers, suppliers and direct suppliers.

RCG sets no conditions regarding change of suppliers or wholesalers to become a member, but for RCG to achieve amplification discounts it is an advantage that most stay loyal to the agreements RCG enters into. This will also affect the results of the negotiations. High volume = high discount!

In 1999 we united 30 restaurants and began to negotiate purchase prices together. Today we are approx. 3,200 specially selected food and beverage outlets in the central regions of Norway.

RCG charges no membership fees, all the more reason to join.

Let’s put force into old saying: Together we are (even) stronger! Let’s be a powerful pressure group to achieve more affordable purchase prices for catering establishments in the Nordic region.